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Thrive Launch - May 16th 2019

Work is a huge part of our lives. Imagine if all workplaces were designed to help people thrive in ways that gave them connection and meaning, helped them make a difference and reach their full potential – while potentially saving the economy billions of dollars.

You are invited to the official launch of Thrive at Work, a ground-breaking initiative from the Future of Work Institute (FOWI) at Curtin University that combines decades of research with industry knowledge to help workplaces foster wellbeing for all employees.

The Thrive at Work launch celebrates a two-year partnership between the Centre for Transformative Work Design (now housed at FOWI) and the WA Mental Health Commission.

Through co-funding provided by the State Government and the Australian Research Council, the Centre has developed a framework and extensive library of resources relating to smart work design.

Join us for a networking breakfast to find out how you can build a thriving workplace that benefits everyone.

Click here to register now.

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